Year of Craft 2011 Monaghan celebrates

Last weekend saw The Forge-in a festival in Monaghan Town to celebrate the year of craft with over 200 blacksmiths in town all working together to create a sculpture for the town it was a great buzz and very different.

As part of the festival a number of craft workshops were done through out the year in some different areas of craft.

I did a number of workshops with a group of women from Ballybay ‘TheBallybay art and craft group’.  We started off in Ballybay with the first workshop on Tapestry weaving the next workshops were held in Swallow Studios working on silk painting, felting, batik, needle felting .

At the end the group had enough pieces to have a small exhibition, last weekend as part of the Forge-in Festival the work was exhibited in one of the vacant shop windows in the town I like to think our little

Work from the Ballybay Art and Craft group

A little bit of Colour for Monaghan Town

 exhibition brought a little bit of colour to the town.


About swallowyarnbarn

Batik Artist and textile designer, working on a new yarn supply project
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2 Responses to Year of Craft 2011 Monaghan celebrates

  1. Exhibition in Monaghan looks great Louise. Maybe you can show it at Swallow Studios?

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