Many Hands make light work

Many hands make light work

A few weeks ago myself and Liz had quite a mad afternoon involving paint wool and wax, You may think to yourself that sounds like a normal day at SwallowStudios !

children painting

But throw in 20 or so primary school children and that is when the madness happens.

The children came to see a work of art in progress not just any old work of art but their very own newly commissioned wall hanging to be hung in the new entrance to the school
Visiting the workshop they got hands on experience and a good feel of the whole creative process. They were only too eager to get their hands, faces, uniforms and what ever else covered in paint, Oh to be young and creative they had know inhibitions it was straight down to business with lots of colour and plenty of fun.

All had ago at tapestry weaving, painting and batik, working as a team they created some art pieces to take back to school a good day was had by all myself and Liz included even though we were a little tired !

Another step in the creative quest by Swallow Studios to get everybody involved!


About swallowyarnbarn

Batik Artist and textile designer, working on a new yarn supply project
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